Kids Activities

Gurgle and his Downstream Friends Comic Strip Adventures

Online Games

Clean Waterways kids game shows how variety of pollutants that can enter the storm water drainage system and go into rivers. 

Project WET kids games

EPA’s Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids games and activities

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) fun water and weather games.

American Society of Engineers(ASCE) Civil Engineering Education Site - ASCEville


EPA’s fun kid activities pertaining to runoff

EPA’s Environmental Kids Club

EPA’s Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids games and activities

EPA's Stormwater Challenge Word Puzzle - Take to Stormwater Runoff Challenge! 

Kids Gallery Color Sheets

Color one of our fun coloring pages and help Gurgle and his downstream friends protect storm water quality! Email your picture to  with your name and age and we’ll post it in our kids gallery!

Kids, You are the future! Be a “Pollution Preventer” and make a positive impact on storm water quality! Make a Splash and enjoy our rain and rivers! We want to see, so send your name, age, and the picture to and we will add it to our Kids Gallery!